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Ten Tips to Organize Your Storage Unit



You’ve rented a storage unit, so now what? You have extra stuff, or not enough space at your current house, and you want to maximize your Pearman Dairy Self Storage unit. We’ve seen lots of storage units over the years and they’ve varied greatly in how they’ve been organized. There’s no one right way to organize your storage unit, but we’ve gathered our top tips to help you make the most of your space.


1. Use the same size boxes or plastic bins

As you start packing for what will be stored in your storage unit, consider using the same size boxes or totes for most, if not all your items. The fewer sizes you use, the easier it is to stack and the easier it is to access your belongings. 

If you can spare a few extra dollars, it may be worth it to purchase plastic bins. Clear plastic containers make it easy to see what’s inside each bin without digging through it. This will save you time when you access your storage unit.


2. Label, label, label

Regardless of whether you use cardboard boxes or plastic bins, label EVERYTHING and be specific. Don’t just write “living room”; detail out what’s inside each box. This way you won’t have to open a box to remember what’s inside when you are looking for something in your unit.


3. Create an inventory of all items stored

Take your labeling to the next level and create an inventory of all items in your storage unit. While packing, write a master inventory of all items packed and number the box you put it in. 

It’s difficult to remember everything you’ve packed, and this step will help you account for all items going in and out of your storage unit. You may want to consider a general map indicating where your belongings are inside your unit also.


4. Protect your valuables

While packing for storage, you may not think it’s necessary to wrap valuables as carefully as you would, for example, for a cross country move. However, you’ll be stacking boxes on top of each other and moving them around from time to time when you’re going through your unit. So, take the time to wrap your fragile items in paper or bubble wrap to be sure they’re safe and sound when you want them.


5. Disassemble what you can

Headboards, large tables, tv stands, etc, should be disassembled to maximize storage space. Bundle and wrap together and keep all screws in a bag taped to the bundle. Store items upright and towards the back of the storage unit. This will make more floor space for your other items.


6. Put heavy items on the bottom towards the back

This is a tip you don’t want to forget! Start by putting large, heavy items on the bottom towards the back of your storage unit. Remember this unless you want smaller/lighter boxes to be crushed. This will also create a solid base for stacking your boxes.


7. Place frequently used items towards the front

Have in mind items you will access more frequently than others and plan to place those near the front of your unit for easier access. It may be seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, camping supplies, etc.


8. Go vertical

Another way to maximize your storage space is to go vertical as much as possible. This includes storing larger items upright as mentioned before but also stacking boxes as high as possible. If you’re worried about stability it is also a great idea to use sturdy shelving. (Most storage facilities allow shelving if it’s not bolted to the wall.)


9. Make an aisle 

Now that everything’s packed, it’s time to transfer your items to your storage unit. You may be tempted to do this as quickly as possible, but it’s in your best interest to take some time and plan an aisle. An aisle down the middle of your unit will allow you to view and access things throughout your entire unit without having to move as many things around. Have all your labeled boxes face the aisle, and you’ll be set!


10. Consider a larger unit

You’ve wedged everything in and can just close the door! Congratulations!? You may feel very accomplished, but this will make retrieving anything from your storage unit very difficult. A little extra space may be just what you need to organize your unit, create an aisle for more accessibility, or give you room to add shelving. 

Obviously, you don’t want to pay for space you won’t use, but Pearman Dairy Self Storage is happy to help you find the right storage unit for you in Anderson, SC. Contact us today to help determine the right storage unit for you!