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Storing your Toys


It’s that time of year again… the time of year where temperatures are dropping and you’re not spending as much time outside as before. It’s time to start thinking about storing your toys for the winter.


Do you have a 4-wheeler (or other ATV), jet ski or motorcycle that won’t be used until spring? We know these are items you love and cherish your time spent using them. We also know it can be hard to store these large and bulky “toys” and all too often they get stored in our driveways or backyards. And even if you have an oversized garage with space for them, are you heating it year-round? If not, the temperature fluctuations can be damaging your treasured toys. Also, protecting your toys from the elements (snow, wind, rain, etc.) will ensure many years of fun ahead too!


So, if the garage, your yard or driveway isn’t the answer to storing your 4-wheeler, jet ski or motorcycle, what is? Self storage! Self-storage is a great, affordable choice to free up space on your property and provide a climate controlled environment to prolong the life of your favorite toys. If this is your first time renting a storage unit, take a read through our “Beginners Guide to Renting a Storage Unit” for tips on what to expect and look for in a storage unit.


After selecting a storage unit, you will then want to prepare your toy for long term storage. Although your toys may not need the same level maintenance and preparation as storing a car, it is still important to go through a quick checklist before you give it a rest.

  1. Thoroughly wash and clean

  2. Drain the engine and add fuel stabilizer

  3. Remove the battery/add a trickle charger

  4. Change the oil

  5. Inflate tires (if it has them)

  6. Cover with a breathable fabric

Following these basic steps should ensure your toys are in top shape when you’re ready to start having fun with them again next year!

We’d love to help you with your short and long term storage needs at Pearman Dairy Self Storage in Anderson, South Carolina. We have various size storage units for your storage of 4 wheelers, jet skis, motorcycles and more! Please contact us to today!