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Money Saving Moving Tips


Not only is moving one of the most stressful times in our lives, but it can also be one of the costliest which in turn adds to the stress! Save money and reduce your stress level by following some of our money-saving moving ideas.


1. Move the little things yourself – Packing and moving as much as you can by yourself is an easy way to save money. Things that are easily done on your own are kitchen items, clothing, shoes, books, and décor. If it is a close move, you could drive the little things back and forth on your own and schedule movers or friends for large heavy items only. 


2. Donate or Sell – Wouldn’t it be great to make some money while moving?? Go through and determine what items you no longer need or use and if they’re still in decent shape, sell them at a garage sale. You can pocket the cash and use it to offset other moving expenses.

Donate items you can’t sell. You can write off the donation on your taxes by keeping an itemized receipt of the donation. You will also save by not having to move the donated items!


3. Help from friends – if you have friends with bigger cars and trucks that are willing and able to help you move, take them up on their offer. Good friends often accept beer and pizza as payment!


4. Timing – moving companies charge more during busy season (May – September) and on weekends. If you can plan your move during the week and in winter or fall, you could save a lot of money. 


5. Use self storage when needed. If you find yourself in a pinch where you need to be out of your old place before your new place is ready, self storage may be your best option. When researching self storage facilities in your area, look for climate-controlled storage to be sure your items are stored in optimal conditions with stable temperatures and humidity levels.

Pearman Dairy Self Storage in Anderson, South Carolina offers many unit sizes and month-to-month rental options to keep costs in check. Please contact us today! We'd love to do what we can to make your move as painless as can be.