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Furniture Storage - Anderson SC

How to Store Furniture


Are you downsizing or looking to create more space in your current home by moving some extra items into storage? Have you inherited furniture from a loved one that you don’t want to part with but don’t currently have a spot for? Renting a climate-controlled storage unit for your belongings may be your best bet, especially living in and around Anderson South Carolina.


We all know living in South Carolina has many benefits, especially the beautiful weather. However, we know it can get quite warm and humid! That’s one of the many benefits of choosing Pearman Dairy Self Storage in Anderson SC.  We ONLY offer 100% climate-controlled storage units.


There really is no limit to how long your furniture can be stored as long as you take care to store it properly. If done correctly, your items can be around for generations to come.


The most important factor you will want to consider when searching for a furniture storage unit is looking for a climate-controlled space. High or low temperatures, along with high humidity, are the leading causes of damage to furniture. Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity will help maintain your pieces’ current conditions and keep them from warping, discoloring or cracking, or to keep fabric from smelling musty.  


Preserving the life of a piece of furniture is best done to a clean item. Take time to thoroughly clean anything before storing and use polish or cleaner when necessary to protect the finish.


When using a furniture storage unit, make sure everything is completely covered, including the floor. Laying down a piece of thick plastic for your items to sit on top of will prevent floor moisture from seeping up into your furniture. You will want to cover all your furniture in the unit. Ideally cover by loosely draping old sheets, blankets, or drop cloths versus plastic wrap. This will allow furniture to breathe and not trap in moisture while protecting them from dust.


Please take these tips into consideration when preparing your pieces for climate-controlled storage and let us know if you have any other questions we can help you with! We are happy to help with your furniture storage needs at Pearman Dairy Self-Storage in Anderson, SC.