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Fall Storage Tips


We all wish summer could last forever, but unfortunately, we know that’s not the case. It’s time to embrace the changing colors and the crunching sound of leaves among us. When cooler temperatures arrive, it is a good time to evaluate which tools, equipment or clothes won’t be used for the next several months. Fall is a great time for cleaning, organizing and storing.


There are many belongings that simply aren’t used once winter arrives and it’s a great opportunity to clean out your summer items and store them away. When space is tight at home or in your garage, many people turn to self storage. It is an easy, short term solution to get things like your gardening tools, sports equipment, seasonal clothing, and more out of the way.


As you look at what won’t be used for the next season, you can also determine if you’ve used an item at all. If it’s something that doesn’t suit you anymore, instead of storing it, set it aside to donate to someone who will use it.


Next up, clean out your closets and wardrobes. Store away summer clothes and swimsuits and make room for heavier coats, sweaters, and styles for the cooler months. If your closet is large enough, rotate items that won’t be used now to harder to reach places and shift your fall fashion to the front. If your closet isn’t big enough for this, box up your summer pieces for self storage. Be sure your boxes have a detailed label of what’s in it. You’ll want to easily find your swimming suit if you plan on a winter vacation or the temps creep a little higher than normal!


And finally, as part of your fall organization, you’ll want to tackle the garage. There are likely many items here that can be stored for the winter, including tillers, hedge trimmer,s gardening tools, and summer sports equipment, just to name a few. Removing these from your garage for the cooler months will reduce clutter and free up space for your car on those chilly mornings!


If you don’t currently have a self storage unit to help with your fall storage and organization, feel free to contact Pearman Dairy Self Storage of Anderson South Carolina. We are here to help with all your storage needs and questions!