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Day of Move Checklist


The big day has finally arrived! You’ve planned, organized and packed and now the move is happening. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all that happens in one day, so here is a quick list to think through (and keep on hand!) to make sure you’ve covered all your bases on moving day.


1. Final walkthrough of current home – while walking through your current home and checking to make sure nothing’s left behind, you’ll also want to take a moment to say a proper “goodbye” to your house. This is especially helpful if you’re moving with kids. It will help them feel a sense of closure from one place to the next. Recall favorite memories you have and talk about the new fun you’ll have at your next home.


2. Keep valuables with you – important papers, passports, jewelry, and other irreplaceable items should be packed before movers arrive and kept with you. Take special care to set these boxes aside and clearly label that they are not to be loaded on to the moving truck. Better yet, load and lock them in the car so they’re ready to go with you.


3. Meet the movers – Welcome and introduce yourself to the movers when they arrive; ensure it is the company you hired and that all workers are employees of that company. Review with the movers what is being moved and point out any items that need special care or that are not to be moved. Point out anything that should be unloaded first to ease in the setup at your new house (for example, bedding, kitchen and bath items). Understand the paperwork and inventory lists they will be giving you and the expected timeline for delivery. If you cannot be onsite to supervise the entire move, enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend.


4. Take care of your moving team – whether you’ve hired professionals or have family and friends helping you, plan to provide refreshments and an easy lunch or dinner as a thank you. No one expects you to cook an elaborate meal in the chaos of a move but pizza, cookies, breakfast treats, etc., go a long way in showing your appreciation. Also, if you have hired professionals it is a good idea to decide ahead of time if you are going to tip them and have cash on hand. It certainly isn’t necessary, but many people do tip the head mover (typically the driver) and let them disperse the tip to the full crew.


5. Arrange care for children and pets – on the day of your move, you will want to keep your kids, pets and your moving team safe. The easiest way to ensure no one is tripped over or in the way is to arrange for kids and pets to be cared for. Hire a sitter or ask a friend if your young one can hang out with them for the day. Everyone will have a better day because of this!


6. Final cleaning – you’ve likely already completed a deep clean but consider keeping out your broom, dustpan and a container of sanitizing wipes. Once the boxes are cleared out, you can make one final pass-through of each room. As you finish a room, be sure to check that all closets, cabinets, and drawers are empty, close and lock all windows and doors and turn off all lights.


Whether you're moving across the country or across town, we hope we've helped better prepare you for your moving day. If you are moving to Anderson, South Carolina, and need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us. Pearman Dairy Self Storage has a variety of storage units for short and long-term needs.