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Self Storage Units in Anderson SC

A Beginner's Guide to Renting a Storage Unit


Are you in need of a storage unit? Is this your first time renting one? People look to renting storage units for many reasons, moving, military assignment, or to reduce clutter and organize their homes. Whatever your reason, here are the basics you should ask yourself before renting a unit.


What type of storage unit do you need?

This should be the first question you ask. There are four main types of storage units to consider:

  • Standard Accessible Storage Units – available in many sizes to fit your needs/the number of items you’re looking to store.
  • Climate Controlled Storage Units – available in many sizes and perfect for storing items sensitive to extreme heat, cold and humidity. For example, furniture, clothing, documents, and photographs need to be in climate-controlled, air-conditioned storage.
  • Vehicle, RV & Boat Storage Units – facilities or lots (covered or uncovered) specifically for storing cars, boats, motor homes or other recreational vehicles.
  • Drive-up Storage Units – sometimes call self-storage garages, with immediate drive up access. These are typically not climate controlled.

Take into account what you are looking to store and search for the type of storage unit you will need.


Do you need a climate controlled storage unit?

Most storage units available are climate controlled and as mentioned above, it is necessary to protect your belongings from heat, cold and humidity. In doing so, it can prevent things like furniture warping and cracking, mold and mildew buildup, among other gross things from happening within your unit.


What should I look for in a storage unit?

While searching for self storage units in your area, we recommend considering these additional key features:

  • Hours – is access limited to certain hours or available 24 hours a day?
  • Pest control – do they regularly spray to keep bugs and rodents out?
  • Security – is there full-time security? Surveillance cameras throughout the site? Are there door alarms and individual keypads?
  • Sizes available - are there sizes large enough for my items?
  • Pricing and contracts – are month-to-month leases available? Are discounts offered for longer terms? Is online payment/billing available?
  • Positive online reviews – do people have good things to say about the facility?


Do I need insurance?

Check your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies as some cover items in storage up to a certain dollar amount. If not, you will need to consider purchasing an individual policy for your items in storage. Not all but many storage facilities require you to have insurance for your unit.



Hopefully the information detailed above gives you enough information on how to rent a storage unit! If you have additional questions, please contact us! At Pearman Diary Self Storage of Anderson South Carolina are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope to make your first self storage experience a positive one.